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ISMAIL : 019-8212897 / 016-8142999
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Group VehicleSelf-drive



Vehicle Rental
A)Perodua Kancil7080 Call 25
B)Perodua Kancil (A)80100
Call 25
C)ViVa70110 Call 25
D)Viva(A)80130 Call 30
Call 35
Call 35
Iswara LMST
Call 35
Call 35
Waja (M)
Call 45
Waja (A)
Call 45
Gen-2 (A)
Call 50
Call 50
Call 60
Call 60
Call 50
14 Seaters
Prado TZ
Call 100
Call 100
Hilux (M)-call
Call 60
Hilux (Auto)
Call 60
Transfer (Hotel -
From RM70

Eco-Friendly Travel

Do your bit for planet earth while you trot arount it?

Stay Green
Aside from encouraging their guests to conserver water, energy and re-use towels there hotels are going the extra mile for the environment.

Sukau Rainforeste Lodge in Sabah, Malaysia
A low-impact lodge situated at the basin of Sabah's longest river, the Kinabatangan, it donates USD$1 for every international guest it hosts to the Borneo Exotourism Solutions and Strategies (BEST)
Information www.sukau.com

Nihiwatu Resort, Sumba Island, Indonesia
The resort runs the non-profit The Sumba Foundation, which aims to improve the quality of life for the island's indigenous people. Visitors can choose to support a variety of projects under the foundation.

The Orchid in Mumbai, India
This five-star hotel minimises the usage of wood, plastics and paper by using handmade stationery, cloth laundry bags and placing separate bins for recyclable items in guest rooms.

Responsible retail
Souvenis-shopping is most-do for most tourists, who end up with plastic bags full of tokens to take home. Plastic takes almost 1,000 years to break down; you can help the environment by refusing these bags when byuing products. Bring your own cloth carrier bags, rucksacks or beach bags when out shopping. If you have no choice but use them to carry your things around, return them to the sellers after you've packed your purchases into your luggage, so that the bags can be re-used.

Compiled By Lydia Lau, Going Places

Tips and Requiment To Enter Malaysia

Money Matters
Commercial banks are authorised foreign exchange dealers and are open daily from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm. Other licensed money changers operate in transport hubs and major shopping malls. Most hotels exchange currency and accept travellers' cheques. Major credit cards are widely accepted.
Tips: Use money changer operate by mamak to get better value.

Entry Requirements
A valid passport (and visa if applicable) is necessary for all persons entering Malaysia. Travel between Peninsular Malaysia and the states of Sabah and Sarawak requires a passport. All visitors are required to complete and Arrival/ Departure Card and customs Declaration Form.

Prohibited Goods

  • The trafficking of dangerous drugs in Malaysia is serious offense that can result in mandatory death sentence.
  • Special permit are required to carry firearms and ammunition.
  • Passengers must declare the following items to the Plant Quarantine Office upon arrival: plant parts, including fresh produce, processed products, soil, insects, micro-organisms and dried flowers.
Business Support
The Malaysia External Trade Developement Corpration or MATRADE is a national trade promotion agency which links Malaysia exports to foreign imporetes. Supported by a network of three regional and 34 offices worldwide, MATRADE offers a range of facilities and services to assist Malaysian businessman to secure export opportunities and also foreign businessman wishing to source for products services from Malaysia.
Information Call MATRADE at +603 6207 7707
fax +603 6203 7037 / 7033 or visit www.matrade.gov.my

The Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) is the Government's principal agency for the promotion and coordination of industrial development. MISA is the first point of contact for investors who intend to set up projects in the manufacturing and services sectors in Malaysia. Foreign investors pursuing interests on investment activities in Malaysia are advised to contact MIDA for assistance.
Information Call +603 2267 3633, e-mail : promotion@mida.gov.my, visit www.mida.gov.my

MATRADE and MIDA Business Information Counters are located within Visitor Service Centre at tha International Arrival Hall, Main Terminal Building KLIA.

Official langguage
Bahasa Malaysia, English is widely spoken.
Official religion Islam, The population comprises Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and followers of others religions.
Climate Malaysia enjoys an equatirial climate ranging from 22 C to 32 C, with cooler temperatures in highland areas. Annual rainfall averages 200cm to 400cm with regional variation and distinct rainy season
Tima The standart Malaysian time is eight (8) hours ahead of GMT.

Healing Traditions

Balinese and Thai Massages have become all-too familiar, break the monotony with these traditional Malay Treatments

Classical Malay Pound
What Tropical jungle herbs- such as citronella, lemongrass, kaffir lime, tumeric and tamarind - packaged into a herbal poultice.
How The pouch is steamed to release aroma and essential oils, then pressed onto the neck, shoulder and upper back. It is also used to massage the body to stimulate circulation, while the heat encourages detoxification.
Try Rasa Asmaradana from CHI, The Spa, Shangri-la's Rasa Sayang & Resort, Penang (www.shangri-la.com); Double Herbal Compress Massage at Sampouton Fish Spa, Petaling Jaya (www.sampuotonspa.com).

Traditional Malay Massages
Long, kneading strokes that focus on the muscles, blood flow and pressure points to improve overall well-being.
How The tukang urut (masseur) massages oil (common Rue, Kaempferia Galangal or Calamus) onto the body using rhythmic strokes. Some tukang urut can even identify a strained blood vein, treat dislocated joints or sprained wrists.
Try Malaysia Urut at Anggun Spa, Hotel Malay, KL (www.hotelmaya.com.my); Malaysia Traditional Massage at Jivahru Spa, Tanjung Rhu Resort (www.tanjungrhu.com.my) and heavenly Spa by Westin, The Westin Hotel Langkawi Kedah (www.westin.com).

Pre-/Post - Treatment Drinks
Selected plants and herbs are concocted inti a drink, to be taken before or after your spa session.
How Ingredients with healing properties are brewed into a rea. Common choices are ginger and cloves (alleviate indigestion), Tongkat Ali (relieves pain in the bones, headache and stomach ache) and chrysanthemum (improves eyesight).
Try Flower teas specially put together by traditional Chinese Medicine consultants at Spa Vilage KL (www.spavillage.com / Kuala Lumpur); Monsoon Drink (ginger, honey and lemon) or Lemongrass Drink at Samadhi Spa, Japamala Resorts, TIoman Island ( www.japamalaresorts.com); Ubat Periuk (a herbal tonic) at Spa Village at Pangkor Laut, Pangkor Island, Perak (www.spavillage.com /pangkorlaut.)

Merdeka Calebration : 10 Things To DO This Month

1. Fly The Malaysian Flag
Be it on your car, your office window or at balcony of your city condo, do justice to our Stripes of Glory (Jalur Gemilang the official name of the Malaysia flag)

2. Relearn The Rukunegara (Principles of Nationhood
As student, we knew every word by heart, but ask a 30 year-old today and he's likely to stop at one (what do you mean there's five). There's no better time then now to reiterate our trust in God (kepercayaan kepada tuhan), loyalty to the King and country (Kesetiaan kepada raja dan negara) supremacy of the constitution (Keluhuran Perlembagaan), the rule of law (kedaulatan undang-undang) and courtesy and morality (kesopanan dan kesusilaan)

3. Sing Negaraku at the top of your voice
Stand straight, chin up and belt out the national anthem to proudly (and loudly) proclaim your love for the country.

4. Compose a Patriotic Song
Pray at the altar of Sudirman or keep hitting reply on that Frencasa Peters song until inspiration hits you. When all else fails, pick a song and rewrite the lyrics.

5. Compile a merdeka scrapbook
Chronicle of Malaysia covers the last 50 years; you can start today - save newspaper clippings, photos, video - and aim to get published five decades from now.

6. Be a Malaysia Boleh Story
Live up to the Malaysia Boleh spirit by being the first or the biggest in something. Make sure the Malaysia Book of Records is present as witness so your name will go down in Malaysia history.

7. Visit Stadium Merdeka
This is where it all began, and is now also home to a murai depiciting the country's struggle for independence. Stroll along this memory wall, then enter the stadium and shout "Merdeka!" saven times, as Tunku Abdul Rahman did back then.

8. Fill Your Home with Bunga Raya Plants
After all, it is the national flower, so let patriotism bloom all over your house.

9. Dine Like a Tunku Abdul Rahman
Here's man who was as passionate for his country as he was about food. Learn a recipe or twh from Favorite Dishes from Tunku's Kitchen, and vow your friends and family with a Merdeka-themed dinner.

10. Be a part of The National Day Festivities
Count down with the crowd at Dataran Merdekan on 30 August, then get up bright and early the next morning to watch the street parade at Putrajaya. Don't forget to bring a mini Jalur Gemilang and wave it like Miss Universe after winning the crown.